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with code-free Automation and Insights from

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Enable anyone in your business to build their operational workspaces, gather real-time insights and automate processes with our SaaS platform.

Running a data-driven business has never been easier with our data storage and management software.

Powering Insights for

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A tailored data management solution for your business, that you control

Move away from spreadsheets, whilst maintaining the flexibility you love

Have full control over who you share data with and streamline collaboration like never before

Build a 360 view of everything you do to ensure anything you need operationally or for insights is available to you in just a few clicks

Connect and sync all of your SaaS systems and know you are always working on real-time and accurate data

Proven and Tested

Connect and keep all of your data in sync, all in one SaaS integration platform

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Integrations with your favourite systems

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Bespoke solutions but get started in minutes

Configur works across more than 13 sectors and our customer base are growing weekly.

We have worked with our clients to develop templates to help other businesses in the sector get and running rapidly. Each one comes with its own use case:

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Enterprise Level Support for All

We know that transforming your business isn’t always easy, which is why we provide clients with a designated account manager and monthly or quarterly client success meetings.

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